Identibadge Name Badge


Identibadge is a leading manufacturer and distributor of professional visitor management and signing in systems, security badges, badge holders, lanyards, name badges and staff ID card products. Established since 1991 the Identibadge team now boasts over 300 years of combined industry knowledge and experience to support your business solution needs. With a strong focus on quality, functionality and design. 

Having production and warehousing facilities based in the UK helps reduce the carbon footprint impact in comparison to items imported from outside the UK, such as Durable. For this reason we support Identibadge as a go to brand, all the products we stock are there because we believe them to be great products in function and quality - we only supply products we would actually buy and recommend ourselves.

Other competitor products in the market are designed with cheap inferior materials for one time or short term use and either break or are thrown away. We strive to provide long lasting, resilient products that can be used over and over again.

We aim to bring only the very best merchandise to our customers, and what we love to do is provide our customers with products that they really need!