Visitors books impact


A guestbook is a paper or electronic means for a visitor to acknowledge a visit to a site, physical or web-based, and leave details such as their name, postal or electronic address and any comments.

At their most basic level, Visitor Management systems perform the important task of tracking who is on your premises. ... Simply put, Visitor Management systems give you maximum control over the guests accessing your facilities, a key aspect to keeping those facilities safe and secure.




Advantages of visitor books


First Impression 

A digital visitor book is always ready to greet visitors, ask the right questions and record everyone’s information accurately. It can also send messages to people in your office who need to know a visitor has arrived.


Brand Experience

We can advertise our brand by taking feedbacks from visitors & improve our products & needs of the customers & ask the customers to give suggestions as well to improve our business.


Reduce Environmental Impact 

a large business with many entrances needs multiple visitor books. Then they need to be stored securely when they are completely full and you have to buy another one! A paperless digital visitor book doesn’t have those problems and reduces the amount of environmental resources your workplace uses.


Visitor’s Data

A digital visitor book instantly gives you information about who is at your workplace, who has been there and who is due to visit. If your business holds confidential client information, it also lets you show those clients who was likely to have access to it.


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With new GDPR legislations, it is essential that all businesses adhere and understand who is on their premises at all times. Ensure your business is compliant with the Identibadge range of visitor books. All books are FULLY GDPR compliant and EASY TO USE!